my project

My project is a project I invented for myself to create movement towards a new professional life (in one or the other, not yet defined field).

I decided I needed a special project because I had the feeling of not getting anywhere without one. Every step I took in the direction of creating my own job or finding an existing job, seemed to take me further away from the goal. Frustration and lower self esteem than before was the result.

The explicit purpose of the project is to make me experience success on (very) small scale. To show me I can realize something if I really want it, and if I really go for it.

I feel it is safest to work in fields that are not linked to any possible professional activity. The moment I start thinking about setting up a project in a field that is connected to a possible job, the fear of failure strikes.

The first action field in my project is playing the piano. This intuitively popped up in my mind the very second I realized I was looking for some practical goal to set. Playing the piano for some friends in our living room. That part of the project has been successfully realized on Sunday April 9th. And yes: success feels good! But to be honest: the joy of preparing the recital has been even more rewarding. More about this in another post or page.

I absolutely wanted to take more steps in the action field of piano. On Sunday May 7th I accompanied a group of very young violin players (among which our youngest son) on the piano on their last group session.

There is the idea of playing for a restaurant audience, but this idea is still hibernating. Somehow it does not seem to match with the current flow. More about that in the first post of this blog and also later ones.

The second action field is clearly writing. First step: writing this blog! There is a big story behind this field, so I will write about it in a separate post.

The third action field will absolutely be connected to dancing and/or water. Ideas are crystallizing, but it´s too early to talk about them.