intuflow: let your intuition flow

“Welcome to the world of free flowing intuition! On this weblog I’d like to share experiences about developing your intuition and using it in daily life. Hope to hear something about your experiences as well!”

This is what I wrote in spring 2016, over a year ago now. The plan was to start a blog where I could write about several ideas I had, all based on using intuition. And also all connected with developing some professional activity. That´s what I wanted back then very badly: be able to show to the others that I can have a profession, that I can work.

It didn´t work out the way I wanted. I never mentioned the existence of the blog to anyone. The text above is as far as I got. The projects I was working on back then all died silently, leaving a lot of frustration behind. The feeling that I can´t make it happen, how ever hard I try.

This blog has actually been created already in autumn 2012. The wish of making some professional life out of intuition was then very active. Creating the name and the domain was the only action. Also then there were reasons to get stuck in the process before even having started.

This time I start this blog with a different approach. One that is closer to how I feel. One that has no ambitions at all. A blog I just use to share some things I feel like sharing. I considered starting a new blog with a new name. I decided to keep the intuflow for two reasons. The first, very practical reason was I could not immediately come up with a nice name. The second reason is that intuition actually still is the basis. I want to write about the project I invented for myself; well, that project was purely initiated by intuition. I never read anything about fear of failure and how to overcome it, I don´t know the theories about creating movement in ones professional career. I just follow my gut feeling. I also let the things come the way they come, without logical order or plan. Flow, there we go!


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